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About Coach Alan:

The Sarasota Fitness and Fight Club's Mission is backed by many years of industrial experience. Coach Alan has helped other coaches with the most successful amateur boxing program in the state of  Florida since his involvement in 1993.  Several members have performed successfully on the national level. Many amateur boxers have been nationally ranked.

On the professional level, Coach Alan's record includes a World Championship fight in June, 1997 in which he helped train Johnny "Ghetto Blaster" Williams. Johnny Williams fought Lonny Bradley in Las Vegas for the middleweight championship of the world on a Don King promoted pay-per-view event which was headlined by Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson.
On 5-10-2005 Coach Alan worked the corner as a cut man for the former heavyweight campion of the world Oliver McCall.
On 5-14-2005 Coach Alan worked the corner as a cut man for the 10 times 5 division campion Hector "Macho"Camacho.
Coach Alan Director/Trainer at the Sarasota Ultimate Fight & Fitness Club
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